3 Things I’ve learned as member of the Pinterest Community by Celeste Sheffey

January 2012 was the first time I had read about Pinterest.  All I could think of was yet another social media site to learn, master and grudgingly spend tons of time on trying to connect with possible clients and engage with my current clients.  I continued to read about Pinterest and even set-up google alerts about Pinterest to see how it would benefit me as a scenic photographer and wedding videographer as well as my customers.

I officially joined Pinterest on January 27, 2012 and thought ok, here we go.  I named one of my first pinboards “Places I’ve been” and promptly uploaded a photo of a beach in Oahu which was immediately “re-pinned” and commented on by several people. As a photographer, I quickly learned my first mistake which was, “pinning” a photo without a watermark. Had I placed a watermark on the image first, everyone that copied it to their pinboards would have my business attached to the photo.

The second lesson was learning to participate in pinning images that either had a web link to the original source or pinning user images. Pinning just a Google image without a verifiable sources is a no no.

I’ve also found that Pinning my business images is fine and ok as long as I also Pin and comment on other images. It’s not all about me and what I do.

As a visual artist and former collector of ripped out magazine pages on a variety of topics, Pinterest is a wonderful tool that appeals to me on so many levels. Especially being able to share colorful wedding themes with some of my wedding clients as well as links to helpful wedding planning sites.

Visit my Pinboards and send me a link to yours!

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About A. Celeste Sheffey

Express your inner personality with your outer environment through the use of colors, patterns and prints.

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