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We are able to capture an image frame by frame from a client’s wedding video.

My son and new daughter-in-law’s August wedding celebration

My oldest son and his fiancee were married in August 2011, outdoors, at a very lovely country club. Although it was windy and a bit cloudy and overcast, we were thankful the weather held steady throughout the ceremony and portrait session as the bride had her heart set on an outdoor ceremony. At one point I even had to run interference with the event coordinator who wanted to move it inside.

My daughter-in-law chose gray and vintage pinks as her wedding colors. My son was very  handsome in his black tuxedo and pale pink vest. When you have a fiancee who works in high-end retail shops you get used to “different” color choices  🙂

For  11 years, I’ve been the person videotaping the weddings. Their wedding was a major challenge as I now had to  be, in front of the cameras. So here I am, again stepping out of my comfort zone, posing in my burgundy mother-in-law dress, chosen after trying on many many styles with the assistance of my 2 daughters, the bride’s two sisters and the bride.

My granddaughter aka, 3rd assistant, kindly agreed to videotape the wedding ceremony. During the reception I happily videotaped the first 90 minutes of the reception as the bride groom were the only ones announced into the room. The rest of the time, the video camera was recording the reception while centered down onto the main floor.

My son and new daughter’s wedding day was exquisite – dressed like a princess bride in her stunning customized Vera Want wedding gown with matching custom wedding invitation. Our families are thrilled as they journey into this new phase of their lives.

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Wedding Video Editing by Celeste Sheffey

Securing a wedding videotaping assignment is a great honor. The bride and groom trusting that we will capture their wedding day celebration in a way they will enjoy viewing many times during their marriage. So many wonderful themes, Fall weddings, destination weddings, cruise ship weddings all of which translates to fabulous additional creative side projects.

Wedding Khoncepts prefers using two camera persons. We find recording the wedding ceremonies from two different angles gives us the best footage to use for the final editing process. We also use two cameras throughout the wedding reception most especially during the toasts/speeches. Camera one is focused one the bridal table and camera two is taping the speakers.  The entire wedding day celebration then becomes the basis of hundreds of video editing hours including but not limited to:

  • All of our wedding clients receiving  6 to 8 hours of unedited footage that is first added to our computer systems then burned to several dvds.
  • Packing the unedited dvds and mailing them to our wedding couples within 21 business days. Postal tracking numbers are included in our email correspondences
  • Painstakingly going frame by video frame capturing hundreds of video still photos from the unedited video footage that will used in a variety of fun projects for our wedding couples.
  • Creating artistic projects  including photo slideshows with music, soft cover wedding photo albums, wedding ties, thank you note cards, custom postage stamps and five minute online video highlight clips.
  • Editing six to eight hours of video footage into our our final version, signature “elegantly entertaining” ninety minute hightlight wedding video dvds.
  • Completing the editing process for all highlight wedding dvds within 90 business days from date of wedding.

Wedding Khoncepts ability to record an entire lovely wedding day celebration, and create hundreds of memories in a variety of formats is what makes us so very popular with our wonderful wedding clients and their very valuable continued referrals.

I’m excited that the United States Post Office linked this article to their website!

Gorgeous Blue and Yellow Wedding Theme by A. Celeste Sheffey

Sharing this beautiful collage featuring the stunning colors of our clients, Tanya and Matt’s wedding day earlier this month!

My assistant and I do our best to make sure we photograph the entire reception room before the guests are seated taking our time to capture all the exceptional decorative details that they may not even see or remember.

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