Retirement is bittersweet

To my bridal couples, I will always remember each and every wonderful wedding I’ve ever videotaped, edited and successfully presented to 98% of my clients. The unhappy 2% taught me to value their opinions and experiences thereby making me reach even higher. Unfortunately, after 17 years my body has convinced me to take a slightly different creative path thereby retiring from the videotaping side of the business altogether.

My path has curved to back to designing now including home decor items, fashion and accessories using graphic art and wedding photos such as beautiful bouquets as a base to start from. (see article)

It’s my hope that you join me on my new journey on my A. Celeste Sheffey  Blog Page.


Enjoying partial retirement 2014

Enjoying partial retirement 2014

Wedding Memories as Home Decor

Transitioning from videotaping and editing weddings to designing  wedding day memories, into fabulous home decor has been an exciting career change.

For instance, consider that you can ‘Customize your bathroom decor with unique shower curtains designs.  Made from 100% polyester our designer shower curtains are printed in the USA and feature a 12 button-hole top for simple hanging. The easy care material allows for machine wash and dry maintenance. Curtain rod, shower curtain liner and hooks not included. Dimensions are 71 inches. by 74 inches’.

Inspiration for this shower curtain came from a photograph, I took  with my cellphone, of my daughter-in-law’s gorgeous shades of pink and white wedding bouquet. Adding a tapestry effect made the end result more of a Fine Art piece . Imagine a colorful curtain as the focal point of their new bathroom decor. Visualize something similar in your home or for a friend’s housewarming gift. They will be amazed and you will score a major win!

Wedding Memories

Beautiful after the wedding day home decor

Creating Customized Wedding Neckties

Quite often the groom and groomsmen wear suits that can be worn after the wedding day celebration. Wouldn’t you like to make their suits extra special by including colors coordinated with your wedding theme!

  • 55″ long, 4″ wide (at widest point).
  • Unlimited colors.
  • Made of silky 100% polyester fabric.
  • No minimum order.

We excitedly sold twenty of these rich, winter red tie design to a bride for her December wedding.

Please use our contact form below to begin the fun in designing your wedding neckties.

Winter red wedding tie

Winter red wedding tie for the groom and the groomsmen

Gorgeous Shades of a Purple Themed Wedding

Gorgeous Shades of a Purple Themed Wedding

View the various shades of one of my favorite colors – purple that Sheila chose to use throughout her wedding day accents. I love the purple wedding shoes with the diamond accents.

The bouquet is absolutely stunning with all of the rich purples, lavendars, deep plums and delicate mauves.

My assistant, Tiffany and I continue to love working with all of Wedding Khoncepts bridal couples by videotaping each wedding day with an eye for capturing elegant photographic images.

These video still images are the super aren’t they!

Great Wedding Reception Idea

Congratulations to Krissy and Tommy on their September wedding celebration. Their wedding reception room had a beautiful corner where both a water station and coffee/tea stations were set-up for guests to enjoy throughout the evening whenever they wished. What a super idea!

wedding reception idea

Hot Pink and Royal Blue Wedding Theme by Wedding Khoncepts

We videotaped an absolutely wonderful outdoor wedding mid-July
that was held under a huge white tent, with vibrantly decorated reception tables using the wedding colors of hot pink and royal blue. The landscaping beautifully complemented the wedding celebration, including amazing Koi fish pond, huge trees and tall sculpted privacy hedges.

The DJ was a very good guitarist and singer whose company also provided a fun photo booth that was set-up on the large patio deck during the cocktail hour while the newly wedded couple took their formal wedding portraits. The entire day was fabulous.

Dinner was a scrumptious buffet, my favorite type of meal and the cake-pops cooked and designed by the bride’s mother were tasty, it was impossible to eat just one. The evening ended with the guests lighting sparklers as the couple danced their last dance of the evening.

As an extra special treat, we created a private, password protected webpage for our bridal couple which was ready when they returned from their honeymoon. They loved be able to view the entire first hour of their wedding day video online! Due to our upcoming vacation time, they will be so excited to receive all the raw footage of their wedding day several weeks ahead of schedule.

Looking forward to our upcoming September weddings! Enjoy…:-)

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3 Things I’ve learned as member of the Pinterest Community by Celeste Sheffey

January 2012 was the first time I had read about Pinterest.  All I could think of was yet another social media site to learn, master and grudgingly spend tons of time on trying to connect with possible clients and engage with my current clients.  I continued to read about Pinterest and even set-up google alerts about Pinterest to see how it would benefit me as a scenic photographer and wedding videographer as well as my customers.

I officially joined Pinterest on January 27, 2012 and thought ok, here we go.  I named one of my first pinboards “Places I’ve been” and promptly uploaded a photo of a beach in Oahu which was immediately “re-pinned” and commented on by several people. As a photographer, I quickly learned my first mistake which was, “pinning” a photo without a watermark. Had I placed a watermark on the image first, everyone that copied it to their pinboards would have my business attached to the photo.

The second lesson was learning to participate in pinning images that either had a web link to the original source or pinning user images. Pinning just a Google image without a verifiable sources is a no no.

I’ve also found that Pinning my business images is fine and ok as long as I also Pin and comment on other images. It’s not all about me and what I do.

As a visual artist and former collector of ripped out magazine pages on a variety of topics, Pinterest is a wonderful tool that appeals to me on so many levels. Especially being able to share colorful wedding themes with some of my wedding clients as well as links to helpful wedding planning sites.

Visit my Pinboards and send me a link to yours!

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Black , white and red wedding colors by Celeste Sheffey

We recently videotaped a gorgeous wedding using our favorite three colors, black and white with red accents. Red bridesmaids shoes, red limo car, red flowers, red maid of honor dresses. Stunning.

The weather was absolutely perfect for outdoor wedding portraits taken in March.

Comment and share with us, the colors of your  wedding day celebration.

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Why I like using Wedding Programs by Celeste Sheffey

Wedding programs are a very integral part of my video editing process. I match the font and program layout as closely as possible, typing in all of the names of the wedding party in  a really nice upward scroll feature.

I’ve found that manually typing all of the information provided a much better result than scanning the program. Scanning tended to reduce the quality of the text making it hard to read on the DVD.

Ultimately, Wedding Khoncepts goal is always provide high quality service for all our happy brides and grooms! 

Have a wonderful 2012!

Why I like using wedding programs
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My son and new daughter-in-law’s August wedding celebration

My oldest son and his fiancee were married in August 2011, outdoors, at a very lovely country club. Although it was windy and a bit cloudy and overcast, we were thankful the weather held steady throughout the ceremony and portrait session as the bride had her heart set on an outdoor ceremony. At one point I even had to run interference with the event coordinator who wanted to move it inside.

My daughter-in-law chose gray and vintage pinks as her wedding colors. My son was very  handsome in his black tuxedo and pale pink vest. When you have a fiancee who works in high-end retail shops you get used to “different” color choices  🙂

For  11 years, I’ve been the person videotaping the weddings. Their wedding was a major challenge as I now had to  be, in front of the cameras. So here I am, again stepping out of my comfort zone, posing in my burgundy mother-in-law dress, chosen after trying on many many styles with the assistance of my 2 daughters, the bride’s two sisters and the bride.

My granddaughter aka, 3rd assistant, kindly agreed to videotape the wedding ceremony. During the reception I happily videotaped the first 90 minutes of the reception as the bride groom were the only ones announced into the room. The rest of the time, the video camera was recording the reception while centered down onto the main floor.

My son and new daughter’s wedding day was exquisite – dressed like a princess bride in her stunning customized Vera Want wedding gown with matching custom wedding invitation. Our families are thrilled as they journey into this new phase of their lives.

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