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Chris and Kim’s Wedding Photo Collage

It was a sunny, sizzling hot summer Friday evening featuring Chris and Kim’s chosen colors of navy, white and gold items creating a stunning and elegant wedding and reception, was held in Newport, RI.

The beautiful carafes contained ice cold water flavored with floating lemon slices, eye catching, as well as, thirst quenching.

We videotaped each equisite detail  of Chris and Kim’s wedding day creating lifetime memories of their very special day.

Many congratulations Chris and Kim!

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Ian and Yvette’s Wedding Day Photo Collage by Wedding Khoncepts

Purple elegance abounds throughout Yvette and Ian’s May wedding day celebration. Even the rainbow swash, in the background, painted in1971 by artist Corita Kent (1918-1986) made a perfect complement to the ‘Sweetheart Table’.

A Neat Little Wedding Story

I received this email from one of my brides. I’m so happy that she was thoughtful enough to send it to me as it kept a smile on my face all day.

So, I have a neat little story to tell you.  A coworker had recently mentioned that he had some wedding pictures on the computer that he could email us, so us ladies took a look at it.  And as the slides are cycling through, I thought, this looks just like what Celeste had said she could do, how neat.  And then, sure enough, at the end your credits came up. 

I had no idea he had hired you for his wedding and yet I still managed to find you 🙂 

His name is Vinny (Vincent) B. – I think he was married in the last yr or 2.  And he said he was very pleased and would recommend you to anyone. I thought you would like to hear that 🙂

 Talk soon.



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