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His and Her Purple Passion Fashion

Growing up, I had a love affair with purple. I was in high school when my parents purchased a another home way outside my school district.
Fast forward to painting the rooms inside the home. I chose a gorgeous shade of what I now would call a sunset shade of Hawaiian purple. I was totally shocked when they agreed! Everyone was awestruck each evening when the sunset set. I lucked up with a west facing bedroom that reflected the red and yellow rays on my purple walls.

Even though I loved that bedroom and unlike the famous home in England that is totally designed inside with purple,  enjoyment now comes from creating abstract graphics with shades of purple applying to clothing for men and women. These outfits would be very trendy for a Fall or winter wedding guest attire.

What’s in your closet!?


His and Her Purple Passion Fashion

His and Her Purple Passion for Fashion Design



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