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Wedding Khoncepts in Blush and Gray

Elegant, smokey, blush and gray wedding reception colors featuring Monogram Letter R.

elegant smokey wedding colors of blush and gray

elegant smokey wedding colors of blush and gray




Please note, I’ve transitioned (retired) from videotaping
and am now creating home decor and event gifts personalized with names and/or photographs.


Trendy purple and gold His and Her fashion idea

Designing and sharing fashion graphic art designs, online is one of the main highlights of my  work day. Showcasing the fashion designs via Polyvore is so amazing. Simply posting the Bodycon dress, matching trench coat and complementary men’s tie would look plain and ordinary. Utilizing Polyvore by adding color appropriate layout elements pulls together my trendy “His and Her Fashion” ideas easily and visually. How awesome is this “trendy purple and gold his and her fashion idea”!!

If you have a special Fall wedding event to attend for 2015, be sure to fill out the form below!


His and Her Purple and Gold Fall Fashion Khoncepts

Trendy purple and gold his and her fall fashion.




 your favorite colors for 2015.

Retirement is bittersweet

To my bridal couples, I will always remember each and every wonderful wedding I’ve ever videotaped, edited and successfully presented to 98% of my clients. The unhappy 2% taught me to value their opinions and experiences thereby making me reach even higher. Unfortunately, after 17 years my body has convinced me to take a slightly different creative path thereby retiring from the videotaping side of the business altogether.

My path has curved to back to designing now including home decor items, fashion and accessories using graphic art and wedding photos such as beautiful bouquets as a base to start from. (see article)

It’s my hope that you join me on my new journey on my A. Celeste Sheffey  Blog Page.


Enjoying partial retirement 2014

Enjoying partial retirement 2014

Wedding Memories as Home Decor

Transitioning from videotaping and editing weddings to designing  wedding day memories, into fabulous home decor has been an exciting career change.

For instance, consider that you can ‘Customize your bathroom decor with unique shower curtains designs.  Made from 100% polyester our designer shower curtains are printed in the USA and feature a 12 button-hole top for simple hanging. The easy care material allows for machine wash and dry maintenance. Curtain rod, shower curtain liner and hooks not included. Dimensions are 71 inches. by 74 inches’.

Inspiration for this shower curtain came from a photograph, I took  with my cellphone, of my daughter-in-law’s gorgeous shades of pink and white wedding bouquet. Adding a tapestry effect made the end result more of a Fine Art piece . Imagine a colorful curtain as the focal point of their new bathroom decor. Visualize something similar in your home or for a friend’s housewarming gift. They will be amazed and you will score a major win!

Wedding Memories

Beautiful after the wedding day home decor

Gorgeous Shades of a Purple Themed Wedding

Gorgeous Shades of a Purple Themed Wedding

View the various shades of one of my favorite colors – purple that Sheila chose to use throughout her wedding day accents. I love the purple wedding shoes with the diamond accents.

The bouquet is absolutely stunning with all of the rich purples, lavendars, deep plums and delicate mauves.

My assistant, Tiffany and I continue to love working with all of Wedding Khoncepts bridal couples by videotaping each wedding day with an eye for capturing elegant photographic images.

These video still images are the super aren’t they!

Black , white and red wedding colors by Celeste Sheffey

We recently videotaped a gorgeous wedding using our favorite three colors, black and white with red accents. Red bridesmaids shoes, red limo car, red flowers, red maid of honor dresses. Stunning.

The weather was absolutely perfect for outdoor wedding portraits taken in March.

Comment and share with us, the colors of your  wedding day celebration.

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Chris and Kim’s Wedding Photo Collage

It was a sunny, sizzling hot summer Friday evening featuring Chris and Kim’s chosen colors of navy, white and gold items creating a stunning and elegant wedding and reception, was held in Newport, RI.

The beautiful carafes contained ice cold water flavored with floating lemon slices, eye catching, as well as, thirst quenching.

We videotaped each equisite detail  of Chris and Kim’s wedding day creating lifetime memories of their very special day.

Many congratulations Chris and Kim!

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Ian and Yvette’s Wedding Day Photo Collage by Wedding Khoncepts

Purple elegance abounds throughout Yvette and Ian’s May wedding day celebration. Even the rainbow swash, in the background, painted in1971 by artist Corita Kent (1918-1986) made a perfect complement to the ‘Sweetheart Table’.

Question: Why do Brides hire a wedding videographer?

Hello to all the Brides and Brides to be. Many congratulations to you and the groom.

I’ve videotaped many weddings over the years and have loved each and every one as a unique and gifted celebration.  It’s truly a priviledge, to be chosen, as one of the wedding service vendors entrusted to capture your wedding day memories in a way that will bring you both years of  joy. 

Sharing your views on some of the reasons you chose and/or are choosing to have your wedding videotaped would be a super favor. I’ve set up the poll in a way that reads percentages so it’s totally anonymous. Your answers will  allow me to tweak and/or revise my current wedding videotaping option plans based on what Brides REALLY want as it relates to having your wedding day celebration videotaped. 

So please take a moment to voice your opinions by selecting the appropriate response or feel free to supply one not listed. 

Many thanks in advance! and if you’re a Bride- To-Be getting married in Boston, MA  please contact me and let’s see if we arrange to work some magic for your special day.

A. Celeste Sheffey – CEO/Owner
Khoncepts and Wedding Khoncepts
Digital Videotaping, Scenic Photography and Scanning Services
Boston , MA 02119
Phone: 617.442.9912
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Online Wedding Video Editing by Wedding Khoncepts

Wedding Khoncepts always provides bridal couples with the raw video footage videotaped during their entire wedding day celebration.

Even though the wedding video DVD is unedited, we still like to provide a nice opening title. We do this by adding text to portion of the video, we then take a snap shot of the image with the text.

The snap shot is then displayed very nicely on the DVD, as shown above. When they play the DVD they will have a creative and personalized image featured in the beginning of the video.

Currently, we are learning to work with our newer video editing software made by Corel. We felt this method of creating a DVD title saved us time and energy and looked nicer too.

Let us know if you’ve hired a wedding videographer whose package includes the unedited wedding footage or is it an extra option to be purchased?

A. Celeste Sheffey – CEO/Owner
Khoncepts and Wedding Khoncepts
Digital Videotaping, Scenic Photography and Scanning Services
Blue Hill Avenue| Boston , MA 02119
Phone: 617.442.9912
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Wedding Khoncepts – Videotaping and photo albums
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