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Wedding Khoncepts in Blush and Gray

Elegant, smokey, blush and gray wedding reception colors featuring Monogram Letter R.

elegant smokey wedding colors of blush and gray

elegant smokey wedding colors of blush and gray




Please note, I’ve transitioned (retired) from videotaping
and am now creating home decor and event gifts personalized with names and/or photographs.

Black , white and red wedding colors by Celeste Sheffey

We recently videotaped a gorgeous wedding using our favorite three colors, black and white with red accents. Red bridesmaids shoes, red limo car, red flowers, red maid of honor dresses. Stunning.

The weather was absolutely perfect for outdoor wedding portraits taken in March.

Comment and share with us, the colors of your  wedding day celebration.

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My son and new daughter-in-law’s August wedding celebration

My oldest son and his fiancee were married in August 2011, outdoors, at a very lovely country club. Although it was windy and a bit cloudy and overcast, we were thankful the weather held steady throughout the ceremony and portrait session as the bride had her heart set on an outdoor ceremony. At one point I even had to run interference with the event coordinator who wanted to move it inside.

My daughter-in-law chose gray and vintage pinks as her wedding colors. My son was very  handsome in his black tuxedo and pale pink vest. When you have a fiancee who works in high-end retail shops you get used to “different” color choices  🙂

For  11 years, I’ve been the person videotaping the weddings. Their wedding was a major challenge as I now had to  be, in front of the cameras. So here I am, again stepping out of my comfort zone, posing in my burgundy mother-in-law dress, chosen after trying on many many styles with the assistance of my 2 daughters, the bride’s two sisters and the bride.

My granddaughter aka, 3rd assistant, kindly agreed to videotape the wedding ceremony. During the reception I happily videotaped the first 90 minutes of the reception as the bride groom were the only ones announced into the room. The rest of the time, the video camera was recording the reception while centered down onto the main floor.

My son and new daughter’s wedding day was exquisite – dressed like a princess bride in her stunning customized Vera Want wedding gown with matching custom wedding invitation. Our families are thrilled as they journey into this new phase of their lives.

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Question: Why do Brides hire a wedding videographer?

Hello to all the Brides and Brides to be. Many congratulations to you and the groom.

I’ve videotaped many weddings over the years and have loved each and every one as a unique and gifted celebration.  It’s truly a priviledge, to be chosen, as one of the wedding service vendors entrusted to capture your wedding day memories in a way that will bring you both years of  joy. 

Sharing your views on some of the reasons you chose and/or are choosing to have your wedding videotaped would be a super favor. I’ve set up the poll in a way that reads percentages so it’s totally anonymous. Your answers will  allow me to tweak and/or revise my current wedding videotaping option plans based on what Brides REALLY want as it relates to having your wedding day celebration videotaped. 

So please take a moment to voice your opinions by selecting the appropriate response or feel free to supply one not listed. 

Many thanks in advance! and if you’re a Bride- To-Be getting married in Boston, MA  please contact me and let’s see if we arrange to work some magic for your special day.

A. Celeste Sheffey – CEO/Owner
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Handling Wedding RSVP’s – A Note by Celeste Sheffey

As a wedding videographer, I truly understand the dilemma of receiving RSVP’s that have included additional attendees they are planning to bring the reception.

Over the years, several  of my clients decided to hire a wedding coordinator who specifically assisted with certain portions of their wedding planning that included  their wedding coordinator greeting guests at the reception door entry with the guests names and table seating chart.  Guests that hadn’t sent in their RSVP or that brought extra guests were warmly greeting and asked to please have a seat outside the room until she could determine if there was available seating for the extra guests. One person had actually brought his date and her two sisters.

While this may seem harsh, on the flip side, I’ve also videotaped a wedding reception that was HALTED due to more than 25 additional guests arriving with no room for the 300 guests who had sent in their RSVPs. The DJ was asked to make an announcement for all guests who were not at a setting with their name to please step out into the hallway for a few moments. It turned out the banquet facility wanted the bride and groom to pay additional money,  upfront, for all the additional guests, ouch!

Another example was of wedding reception dinner that was significantly delayed while two extra tables were set-up for unplanned for guests.

You may find it’s a great idea to have someone such as your coordinator and/or a friend call everyone ahead of time to speak with those who wrote they are bringing extra guests.  Be sure to roll play, in advance,  with the person you’ve chosen who will make the calls, before they make any calls. Have a script prepared and a list of options ready such as possible babysitter recommendations. Each wedding couple should be fully comfortable that the person chosen to make the calls will be professional yet tactful, friendly yet firm with keeping to your guidelines and wishes.

Using a 3rd party person who you feel will competently handle everyone in a gracious manner may be the most tactful and compassionate approach for you and your Fiancé to consider. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wonderful wedding coordinator (Boston, MA) and will be happy to send you her contact information.

 Most of all, Enjoy your wedding day!!!!

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Celebrating your 25th Wedding Anniversary

I enjoy analyzing large-size family video and photo projects and reducing them    into smaller measurable tasks for my clients.

 Celeste, Thank you so much for the videos!!!!!!  I got them in the mail today together with our state of marriage certificate!  I have spent all morning alternating between laughing and crying at the video

Words can’t say how thankful I am to have all these memories captured . .  You are so stealthy!  I had no idea you were recording so much, and the editing was awesome.  Thank you!!!  I can’t wait to show MG tonight after work!!!!!!

 Let us create these types of special memories  for you and your loved ones.

 I admit up front, I’m very biased when it comes to hiring a wedding videographer.  Even though I have a photography background I very much prefer videotaping weddings using my skills as a  photographer for proper composition, zooming in when necessary and understanding proper lighting techniques.  

Many wedding couples are often told to save money by asking  a friend or relative to videotape the wedding day as a gift which is excellent advice if that person is very handy with a video camera, has enough battery packs making camera cords unnecessary, has pretty good basic editing skills and will be happy taping the  wedding ceremony and entire reception rather than mingling with other family members, chatting with the guests or getting in a dance or two.I mention these few items because a wedding professional would be attending their clients’ wedding day totally on their behalf, strictly to videotape each couples’ entire wedding day as it unfolds.   

After working with my assistant (oldest daughter) since 1998, I happily find myself transitioning as a one person,  “One Location/Wedding-Reception Videotaping Special”  due largely to my assistant’s growing family’s needs and her new daytime job duties.In addition I’m getting  adjusted to working solo, a recent phenomenon is happening. I’ve been contacted by several wedding couples who, in fact, did have family members and friends videotape portions of their wedding day and now they are in possession of a variety of tapes that require editing. 

 The challenge for any video editor now becomes:  

  • Viewing several hours of  videotapes by one person ( approximately 5 to 6 hours @ $25+ p/hr)
  • Viewing several hours of videotapes that were shot by multiple people ( approximately another 5 to 6 hours @ $25+ p/hr)
  • Identifying what occurred on each tape, label or re-label the tapes ( approximately 5 to 6 hours @ $25+ p/hr)
  • Taking notes on what occurred on each tape for the editing process

Editing begins once the tapes have been viewed, properly  labelled and identified as wedding ceremony, reception entry, speeches, dinner hour, cake cutting, garter and flower toss and dancing ( approximately 15 hours @ $25+ p/hr).   It’s one thing to edit a wedding you and an assistant have personally attended and videotaped. It’s a whole other ballgame, unless you’re incredibly fortunate and the tapes are all perfectly focused, with proper lighting, composition and voice levels, to edit someone else’s video work.My best guesstimate is approximately 30 hours of viewing, logging and editing time @ $25+ per hour to create wedding couple’s highly anticipated wedding DVD.

 I look forward to every wedding season and working with wedding couples directly and/or assisting them with editing their wedding gift videotapes.

Wedding DVDs, as well as online video highlights, allow future generations to enjoy hearing the music of the day, watch how you both danced, played, cried  and smiled “live” while watching your “elegantly entertaining” wedding memories.

A. Celeste Sheffey – CEO/Owner
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A Neat Little Wedding Story

I received this email from one of my brides. I’m so happy that she was thoughtful enough to send it to me as it kept a smile on my face all day.

So, I have a neat little story to tell you.  A coworker had recently mentioned that he had some wedding pictures on the computer that he could email us, so us ladies took a look at it.  And as the slides are cycling through, I thought, this looks just like what Celeste had said she could do, how neat.  And then, sure enough, at the end your credits came up. 

I had no idea he had hired you for his wedding and yet I still managed to find you 🙂 

His name is Vinny (Vincent) B. – I think he was married in the last yr or 2.  And he said he was very pleased and would recommend you to anyone. I thought you would like to hear that 🙂

 Talk soon.



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